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Tremor relases new single “Huella”

By 13 August, 2013

As part of the Buenos Aires digital cumbia scene, the band Tremor, much like Chancha via Circuito, have characterized themselves for taking an almost anthropological approach to their music. Their tracks, always thoroughly researched and well thought-out, feature... Read Article

REVIEW Gaby Amarantos – Treme

By 05 August, 2013

There’s no doubt that Gaby Amarantos is a star. Her mere presence on- and off-stage commands instant attention. Not only does she portray the self-assuredness of a warrior queen, but she also has the voice of one, slaying... Read Article

REVIEW La Vida Boheme – Será

By 18 June, 2013

La Vida Boheme crashed on the scene in 2010 with the punk rock fury of Nuestra, an album so angsty and so fun that it managed to blow up everyone’s radar. That’s why their sophomore effort Será may... Read Article

REVIEW Bazzerk Presents: Changa Tuki Classics

By 29 April, 2013

Beat hunting French duo Jess and Crabbe have been responsible for compiling genre-defining recordings of the best of the global bass movement in the past two years, most recently their collection of Angolan, Portuguese and South American kuduro,... Read Article

REVIEW Nickodemus – Turntables on Las Ramblas

By 17 April, 2013

If you haven’t been following the music press recently, there’s been a lot of really interesting (and some downright stupid and misinformed) debates concerning the state of electronic dance music today. As recently as this week, Rolling Stone... Read Article

REVIEW Cero39 – Móntate En El Viaje

By 25 March, 2013

You’ve probably heard Mauricio Alvarez’s project, Cero39, before. He’s churned out remixes for a lot of the cumbia digital heavy hitters, from Colombia’s own Bomba Estéreo and Lido Pimienta, to ZZK greats Fauna. Now we get to hear... Read Article

REVIEW The Rough Guide to Latin Psychedelia

By 03 March, 2013

The sixties and the seventies were, depending on who you ask, two of the most important decades for the development of music all around the world. Not only was there a political, cultural and sexual sea change from... Read Article

REVIEW Sante Les Amis – Sudamericana

By 02 February, 2013

During the last five years, Uruguayan dance punk darlings Sante Les Amis released two promising EP’s, Sante Les Amis and Morning Shine, garnering critical acclaim in their homeland and even becoming remixers for Juan Campodónico’s latest project, Campo.... Read Article