Enter The Experimental Techno World Of Kamila Govorcin And Her New Album ‘El Mundo’

By 18 July, 2017

During the rise of the new electronic music scene in Chile, and especially in Santiago, few labels have exemplified the movement quite as well as Panal Records. Founded by Elias Deepman and Kamila Govorcin, the label have focused on dubbed out techno and house productions, offering a refreshing more organic feel, no doubt inspired by Cáhuil beach (located 200km from Santiago) where the label is based.

Kamila had us in a physical trance on her previous material, Vibraciones EP, due its use of deep kicks and crazy pads. On her new album El Mundo, she is trying out new horizons with more dramatic compositions, experimenting with noise-bending ambiences and longer trips of sound layering, while still working to the dance floor as always.

The first track “Vcios” is a steady growing techno track, whereas “El Mundo” is an obscure sound art piece. Then, “Noches Sintéticas” storms out the party that continues on the club-ready evocative song “Conexion”, before everything closes down on the synth-leaded “Underwaterlove”. With changes of mood on every song, the entire listening experience becomes a dynamic emotional ride that gets us closer to understanding what Kamila is trying to tell us with her sound, and her personal vision of the world.

El Mundo is available now on Panal Records

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