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New Music: La Sonora Mazuren ‘Ceferino En Salsa’

By 26 July, 2018

Earlier in the year, we presented to you La Sonora Mazuren, a crazed new magical carpet of sound emerging from Colombia. Drawing on a plethora of influences, and maintaining a kaleidoscopic approach in their production the band recently released their second track of the year, “Ceferino En Salsa”, available now via Tambora Records.

The track pays homage to Panamanian troubadour Ceferino Nieto, often referred to as ‘The Titan of the Americas’, and is an embodiment of the freneticism with which he was renowned for whipping up in his audiences. A frantic and at-times shanty guaracha of see-sawing accordions and unhinged percussion, where guitars and flutes battle it out over lead melodies. The upshot: a fascinating and moreish labyrinth of sound.

Engrossing, original and frenzied. As if any more impetuous were needed to hit play already.

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