Grupo Soñador – El Paso del Gigante LP


Timely reissue of Grupo Soñador’s landmark 2001 album Grupo Soñador. This is the sound of cumbia in Mexico, with Soñador offering their own keyboard and synth-heavy take on cumbia sonidera.

Released by Discos Rolas

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Press release:

“Discos Rolas presents Puebla’s Grupo Soñador for the first time on vinyl. Founded in 1998 by brothers Beto and Richie Tlahuetl in Cholula, Puebla, the group released one self-titled album as Noche Latina before renaming themselves. Grupo Soñador is renowned for pioneering cumbia in Puebla with their keyboard and synth-heavy regional take on cumbia sonidera (sound system cumbia). Grupo Soñador pushes the sound of cumbia sonidera, a style created by DJs in Mexico City who dramatically slowed down records from Colombia, Peru, and elsewhere in South America and dubbed them with personalized saludos (shout-outs). Cumbia from Puebla tends to draw more from cumbia styles from Ecuador and Peru—more keyboards and synths, less accordion—than Colombia, which the major reference for Mexico City.

Grupo Soñador gained regional, national, and international recognition with their second album Camino al Cielo (2000) featuring their first sonidero hits “Cumbia de la Cerveza,” “Camino al Cielo” and “La Cumbia de las Botellas.” In 2001 Grupo Soñador’s El Paso del Gigante exploded into the sonidero universe, propelling them on their tour in the United States where they played to sold-out crowds of thousands. They continue to compose, perform, and tour and the band now includes Beto’s two daughters.”