Review SidiRum – Luna EP


Continuing a solid series of releases, Nico Bruschi unveiled Luna, a new EP in the final throes of 2016 under his SidiRum alias. Experimenting with ambient and downtempo elements, it’s a project that has always been situated in the periphery of the global bass and Andean beat movement. Ahead of its time, his first EP, 2014’s Le Soleil was a glimpse of what the South American digital folklore scene would become in the years that followed.

If Le Soleil was the beginning of a musical journey, Luna is the settling in. It has been a long road of growth since that debut, a walk that also included many friends along the way, such as fellow Argentinians Barda, Jin Yerei and Barrio Lindo, the last of them contributing on this album with two tracks.

All the tracks sound more upbeat than the Nico’s first works, with evidence that this album was mainly made on tour, moving from festivals to small parties around Europe. That’s why it’s no coincidence that this album was released by the independent Krooks Records from Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

Stand out track “Oceano” is a powerful after-hours jam, blending the musical minds of Barrio Lindo, Dutch organic slow-house producer Kraut and of course, SidiRum, and which will certainly be heard in tribal parties at clubs around the globe. “Moonpatrol”, referencing the title of the album, is an innocent lullaby with a beautiful synth melody, and the set opener “Nidia”, sounds like an adventure game that is staged on a dark evening in the jungle.

Long strides have been made since the days of production courses with Chancha Via Circuito in Buenos Aires, a memory of the origin of a generation that altered the course of the global bass movement to create a more profound musical connection with the roots of South America. Now is the time for the recognition of this sound as a genre, not a trend, and in this process, SidiRum proves that he does not just have a supporting role, but is an indisputable main actor.

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