Rio Breaks – The Surf Competition

By 20 May, 2011

Rio Breaks week on Sounds and Colours ends with our final clip from the film, a documentary about a surf school based in Rio de Janeiro, where two students Fabio and Naama battle between life in the favela and the freedom of the beach. In this final clip Fabio has to prove himself against Rogerio, one of the older members of the group.

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So far this week we have featured four videos from Rio Breaks, including the trailer, a clip of Fabio and Naama in the favela, the two discussing a dream of eating fresh bread from the bakery and the two getting their surf “christening”. I think it’s fair to say that Fabio and Naama are probably the stars of the show.

Rio Breaks will premiere in the UK on June 3rd and will later be released on DVD by Mr Bongo Films. See the official website for full details of screenings:

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