Dive into South America’s Underground with Sello In-Correcto’s Latest Compilation

By 25 September, 2018

Bogotá’s Sello In-Correcto recently released the third edition of its El Sudaca Contraataca compilation, a series of albums which bring together some of the freshest and most select projects in South America’s underground scene. On this latest release, the compilation features the usual dose of electronic Latin American experiments conducted by a group of the continent’s most promising bands and producers.

Besides the splendid visual work and musical selection carried out by founders Santiago Álvarez and Gregorio Hernández, the names comprised in this year’s edition include fellow members of In-Correcto’s roster such as Santiago Navas and Fernando Toth, as well as a group of new and talented producers like North American sonic explorer Biomigrant, Lisbon-based Brazilian producer Ibu Selva, Berlin-based Colombian producer Mente Orgánica, and Llorona Records’ co-founder and head producer Diego Gómez (a.k.a. Cerrero), among many others.

Without a doubt, El Sudaca III is In-Correcto’s finest compilation yet. The album presents a finely-arranged sequence of tracks deeply rooted in a South American sonic and cultural identity, that swing between Andean electro-folk in the hands of Chilean producer Rodrigo Gallardo, prospects of futuristic Latin American sounds such as Lima’s Qapac, new revivalists and disruptors of Colombia’s tropical tradition like Bogotá’s La Tromba Bacalao and Julián Mayorga, and even a spoken word sample from renown Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano on the song “Lo Que Pudo Ser”, performed by YOPO, Un Sur Gente and Galeano.

El Sudaca Contraactaca III  is available from Spotify, Bandcamp, and other platforms. Visit the label’s Bandcamp page to check out solo productions and other compilations from In-Correcto’s fantastic and ever growing catalogue.

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