Afro Kumbé Mixtape Volume 1

By 12 April, 2013

Like being slapped with a salsa-loving salmon, this new mixtape from Locos por Juana packs a punch. Featuring afrocumbia classics from the likes of Lucho Bermudez, Combo Los Gallegos and Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto remixed and refried with everything from dubby electro-pop to Latin grime versions of megastar fare by Jay-Z, Kanye, and MIA, the Afro Kumbé Mixtape Vol 1 is pretty sensational stuff. There are 13 tracks here for you to get your teeth into although sadly they’re not mixed together, making this a mixtape in the best tradition, like when you used to make your own. 13 stand alone slices of pulsating music it is then, which sees influences from both sides of the Atlantic collide in a mutant cumbia explosion. Feel free to enjoy.
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