de Lacey’s Andean Beat Mixtape

By 14 August, 2015

Mixtape covering the expansive style of music inspired by the mysticism and majesty of the Andes. Sprawling textures, and rich down-tempo beats pervade for this half-hour exploration. Labels such as Argentina’s ZZK, Sello Regional, and new effort Frente Bolivarista have been leading the way, putting out material from artists including Sidirum, El Búho, Barrio Lindo and Nicola Cruz, who dubbed his output ‘Andes Step’. These lilting grooves evoke the pastoral, and offer a more reflective experience than erstwhile plat-du-jour digital cumbia. Chancha via Circuito hinted at this direction on the beautiful Amansara, released last year, and this mix documents the music’s growth, with these artists having now established themselves at the forefront of South America’s electronic scene.

Quixosis “Aguas” [QTZLCTL]
Tribilin Sound “1920 (Barda Remix)” [Sello Regional]
Sidirum “Nuevo Escarabajo (ft Barda)” [Sello Regional]
Barrio Lindo “Capuchino Pecho Blanco” [Rhythm and Roots]
Nicola Cruz “Invocacion” [Multi Culti]
El Búho & Barrio Lindo “Orinoco” [ZZK]
El Búho “Schuvia” [QTZLCTL]
Chancha via Circuito “Sueno en Paraguay (El Remolon ft. Ale Ortiz Remix)” [Wonderwheel]
Quixosis “Cuchara de Palo (excerpt)” [QTZLCTL]
El Búho “Calchaqui (Nicola Cruz Remix)” [QTZLCTL]

Artwork based on a photo by Boris Mercado.

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