How to Travel like an A-Lister on a Caribbean Food Getaway

By 17 November, 2020

Aside from checking out the bucket-list attractions of the destination of your choice and soaking up the country’s rays, there is no better reason to travel than for food, and there is no better food to travel for than Caribbean cuisine. If you want to experience the pleasure of Caribbean food first hand, a foodie getaway to the place where it all began is a great way to gain insight into a new culture and experience the Caribbean food that you would not be able to indulge in authentically at home. Here are some top tips for those to travel in luxury on their next foodie getaway.

Go on a Food Tour

Rather than having to seek out the best culinary experiences in the Caribbean yourself, why not allow these to be decided by an expert on your behalf? Going on a food tour around the islands can help you experience a range of the most famous dishes in the Caribbean sea while also finding out more about the history of food in locations such as Haiti and Jamaica from a qualified guide. These food tours can also help you leave stress at the airport as every stop on your tour will be pre-planned.

Use a Luxury Travel Pack

Your luxury vacation can start before you even set foot on the plane. One of the best ways to ensure that you can maintain the height of luxury throughout your visit while sticking to your budget is to use a luxury travel pack. A luxury travel pack can highlight the suitcase essentials you need to pack to experience luxury at all times on your getaway. The product recommendations from Cash Lady will allow you to travel in style while also enabling you to pack all the beautiful items you will need for your foodie vacation.

Check into a Gourmet Hotel

Although you might have planned to spend more time in restaurants than at your hotel, your accommodation can have a significant impact on your ability to eat authentic food in the Caribbean. Not only can a good night’s sleep be good for the appetite, but staying at one of Conde Nast Traveler’s gourmet hotels and resorts in the region can prevent you from having to dine out every single night of your stay.

Choose Self-Catered Accommodation

On the other hand, many Hollywood A-listers tend to choose self-catered accommodation options for both relaxation and the wide variety of facilities that this type of accommodation can offer, such as pools and luxury kitchens. Some of the most popular types of self-catered accommodation in the Caribbean include apartments, lodges, and even treehouses. By choosing a chalet or lodge with a state-of-the-art kitchen area, you will be able to put your cooking skills to the test, making gorgeous themed dishes which you can indulge in within the privacy of your accommodation. Some of the best Caribbean dishes you can make yourself include banana and rum fritters, chicken stew, and fish curry.

Visit Michelin Starred Restaurants

Michelin starred restaurants are scattered across the world and can help you ensure that your taste buds enjoy a certain standard of cuisine every time you dine. If you opt to eat out at a restaurant with a Michelin star on one of the Caribbean islands, or even at some of the other top restaurants in the region, you know that you will be in for a treat wherever you are. Not only can this allow you to eat at the best restaurants in the country, but it can also prevent you from spending the whole of your trip looking for somewhere delicious to eat.

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