Latin American Street Art: 4 Things To Know If You’re Visiting

By 19 November, 2021

Although there are multiple types, origins, and styles of art, it’s not challenging to recognize Latin America street art. Like urban art and hip-hop movements, this art style possesses a distinct style that sets it apart from other art forms. If you’re an art enthusiast, the more that you’ll appreciate street art. Even when you don’t know much about it, it’s not yet too late to start getting to know why Latin America street art has always been so popular.

Perhaps, you’re set to tickle your inner flair for art, and you’re about to visit some street art destinations in the US and different parts of the world. If so, it’ll be helpful to arm yourself with at least a working knowledge about this type of art so you can relate more to it. That being said, here are four things to know if you’re visiting a famous Latin America street art hub:

1. It Typically Depicts The Sociopolitical Culture And History Of Latin America

You may find Latin America street art anywhere in the world, but one surefire way to tell if it’s, indeed, the right one is by the way it represents the culture and history of the region. Notably, the art often portrays the sociopolitical struggles that Latin Americans have experienced during those intense struggles.

So, even when you stumble upon outdoor wall murals in United Kingdom or other European countries, you can still tell that they’re of Latin American origin because of how art is portrayed and unfolded. Their art is almost always political and deeply rooted in the complex history of their endeavor for human rights. Usual subjects are revolution, colonial rule, social and economic oppression, illiteracy, and the Latin American indigenous cultures.

2. You Can Find It Anywhere, But There Are Certain Destinations Worth Visiting

Because of its vibrant colors and intense depictions of Latin American culture and history, it’s not surprising to find their street art in almost every urban area of various countries. Thanks to the contribution of traditional and modern media, the art has received a fair share of exposure and continues to be widely known and used in different corners of the globe. However, suppose you really want to immerse yourself in the art itself. In that case, you might want to consider going to specific destinations that’ll surely enlighten you more about Latin America street art.

In Colombia, for instance, their art is frequently used as ‘codes’ that only people living in the neighborhood can decipher the intricate calligraphy and traces. They’d use code numbers to stand for places and names. You may not understand the hidden meaning of the art, which can actually be a fantastic experience if you’re there to appreciate the style and nothing more.

Other street art hubs worth visiting are Guatemala, Santiago in Chile, Bogota, and Cochabamba in Bolivia.

3. It’s Eclectic, Powerful, And Bold In Its Own Way

Being eclectic in nature is probably one of the best characteristics of art in general. However, Latin America street art has its own unique way of being diverse, perhaps, because of the different influences that it has acquired in decades. Most of the time, a Latin America street art piece’s power and appeal come from the country it originated from and the artist behind it.

South America has always been known to have a distinct character that makes it bold enough to be identified as diverse culture. No matter where you place their street art, there’ll always be a spot where it’ll stand out and be unforgettable in people’s eyes as they pass through it.

4. It’s Visual Art In Public Spaces

Perhaps, one wonderful thing about street art is you can always admire it for free. It’s no secret that, most of the time, to appreciate different art styles, you may need to pay for museum fees or attend private events so that you can see one. With Latin America street art, you can marvel at this visual art as you wander along streets, buildings, trains, and other public spaces.

Even government places also utilize this form of art as a way of refreshing the space they have. It’s common for schools and universities to hire graffiti artists for school murals for varying reasons. It could be that the administration wants to instill art appreciation among students. It can also be because of how graffiti art can make any blank space look vibrant, meaningful, and eye-catching.


Art will always be a fascinating area to explore. Latin America street art, in particular, is a territory like no other. If you plan on acquainting yourself with this art form, it’s best to visit a vibrant hub where you can appreciate it even more. Don’t forget to take note of the things mentioned above to know when visiting one, so you can have something to take with you as you admire those gigantic canvases and murals.

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