Must Watch Movies This Holiday Season

By 25 January, 2022

Whether you plan to spend the holidays alone, with friends, a significant other, your kids, or you’re visiting relatives; it’s a time to relax, connect with others, and enjoy yourself. One activity that encompasses everything is watching movies. There’s something about watching flicks on your television or the big screen that draws you in. It’s entertaining for everyone and presents an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. If movies are on your list of activities this holiday season, here’s a list of hits you must see. 

House Of Gucci

When you think about luxury silk scarves, high-end belts, stylish loafers, or a womens designer purse, the name Gucci likely ranks high on the list. Whether you’re a fan of this prolific fashion brand, you love a good crime drama, or you’re excited to see Lady Gaga on the big screen, House of Gucci is the movie to see this holiday season. 

The movie is about Patrizia Reggiani marrying into the Gucci family and her challenges in finding a sense of belonging. Her quest eventually turns into a web of betrayal, deceit, and revenge, leading to the untimely death of Maurizio Gucci. Released on November 24th, the movie is available in theaters everywhere. 

Westside Story

If you or your loved ones are musical fans, Steven Spielberg’s Westside Story won’t disappoint. The 1957 stage play is coming to the big screen in a big way. Fitting into multiple categories, including crime, drama, romance, and musical, this movie has a little something for everyone. It’s the age-old story of forbidden love amongst teenagers. 

The teens come from rival family gangs in this story – the Jets and the Sharks. Will these teens find a way through the rivalry and their ethical differences? Or, will the ongoing violence between their families cause them to meet an untimely death? Find out the answers to these questions and more as Westside Story hits theaters on December 10th. 

The King’s Man

For fans of action comedies, The King’s Man is a must-watch this holiday season. As the third installation in The Kingsman franchise, it’s sure to keep you laughing on the edge of your seats. The series is about a spy organization that fights off threats worldwide. The Secret Service was the first film released in 2014, followed by The Golden Circle in 2017. 

The latest installation occurred in the early 20th century when the spy agency formed. Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime as you watch some of the world’s most skilled spies take on the threat of the cabal. The King’s Man is in theaters on December 22nd. 


Are you looking for a more family-friendly film to watch with loved ones this holiday season? If so, you’ll enjoy Disney’s Encanto in theaters now. Packed with comedy, adventure, and that good old Disney magic, Encanto is sure to go down as one of the best Latin American Family Films of the year.

It tells the story of a Columbian family that lives in a magical place called Encanto, where children have healing powers. Mirabel (a child with no known powers) goes on a journey that saves her hometown and shows her just how powerful she is. 

Binge-Watch Holiday Classics

Of course, you don’t have to go to the movie theaters to enjoy a great film with your family. Movies are such a favorite pastime that there are many holiday pictures to watch during this time of year. Whether you prefer Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Toy Story or Die Hard and Elf, there’s something for your viewing pleasure. Make some snacks, grab the hot cocoa, curl up under a blanket, and let the marathon begin. 

Don’t get so wrapped up in the holiday madness that you forget to stop and appreciate the true meaning of the season. Take the time to do something pleasurable like watching movies. It’s a great activity to try alone or with the people you love the most. As you can see, there are plenty of films on the big screen or streaming services to keep you entertained all season long. 

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