Planning a Latin-Themed Party? Here’s What You Need

By 01 February, 2022

When planning to host a party, one of the first things you should automatically think about is the theme. Well, you might have brainstormed ideas on how to make your party entertaining and unique, and thought, “why not go with a Latin theme?” Perhaps because you’re hosting Latin or the location demands it.

Maybe you’ve tried other themes before on previous events and you want this one to feel special to every attendant. But are you adequately prepared with the essentials to get the party going? Here are some things you need to successfully throw a Latin-themed party.

1. A Befitting Venue

Location, location, location! One of the most important things to have in mind when organizing a party is the venue. To add a Mexican or Latin American twist to your party, you will want to host it somewhere outdoors, perhaps in your garden, a park, or other rented space.

While doing so, make sure to consider the weather, and have a backup plan in case it rains or gets too chilly outside. Also, consider picking a venue that lets you hire a professional DJ for the Latin-style party event. The main idea is to keep your guests comfortable and entertained!

2. Quality Sound Setup 

A Latin-themed party – and any party for that matter – is never complete without a good dose of music and dance. This is all the more reason to get together a good sound setup when planning the fiesta.

Most importantly, don’t forget that bass is a crucial element in Latin music and entertainment. Investing in speakers with great bass quality like the ones from Bang & Olufsen can help keep your party alive and memorable to your guests.

3. Table Decor

One of the secrets to achieving a Latin theme for your party is to give the tables a pop of color. You can do this in various ways, from decorating with flowers to adding nacho napkins and having your food served with paper plates with an avocado shape.

Cactus-shaped paper cups are also common in Mexican-themed fiestas, whatever you do, make sure the dishes, the silverware, and chairs are brightly colored. Don’t forget to have a few margarita glasses set on tables where you’re sure adult guests will sit!

4. Room Decoration 

Once you have the tables set, it’s time now for the real deal – decorating your room or location! Remember, you want a bright and colorful event. You can start with the curtains, ensuring they’re appealing enough to also serve as photo booth backdrops.

To make the venue more inviting from a distance, consider hanging multicolored buntings at the main entrance, perhaps alongside a creative slogan that speaks more to the theme of the party. Fringe balloons will also go a long way in uplifting the décor of the space.

5. Latin Cuisine Catering 

Last but not least, you cannot afford to forget about food when planning a Latin-inspired party. To make things easier, consider hiring a professional catering service that specializes in Mexican or other delicious Latin-American food such as street tacos, tortillas, tamales, chopped salads, and much more. The last thing you want is to keep your guests hungry for hours at a Latin-themed party!

Planning a party can be exceedingly overwhelming, especially when you want to get the theme right. However, at times all you need is a few tips, a realistic budget, and some tips to get a perfect fiesta going. 

Hopefully, the few pointers above are stuck to your fingertips because they will come in handy when planning your next Latin-themed party. Don’t forget to recommend a latin dress code for the party to each guest you invite! 

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