The Famously Romantic Relationships of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Novels

By Marie Miguel 17 June, 2021

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, or “Gabo,”  was one of the most important and influential writers of the 20th century from Latin America (specifically Colombia). He sold more than 40 million copies of his books, and his works have been translated into 36 languages. 

Gabriel Garcia Marquez has undoubtedly left his mark on the world of writing; in fact, one of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s biggest achievements was winning the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1982. 

One thing that makes Garcia Marquez novels so unique is their portrayals of human relationships. These relationships feature lifelike characters, devastating conflicts, and heart wrenching resolutions that are sure to stick with readers.

Garcia Marquez: Top Romantic Relationships 

What really sticks out to audiences about Garcia Marquez’s works is not just their plot, but also their ability to describe the human experience accurately and unabashedly, including romantic relationships such as those listed below.

1. Sierva Maria & Father Cayetano, Of Love and Other Demons

Of Love and Other Demons is a novel based on a legend Garcia Marquez was told by his grandmother when he was younger. 

The main plot features Sierva Maria, a 12-year-old-girl raised by slaves. After being bitten by a rabid dog, Sierva is told she’s contracted rabies despite a lack of visible symptoms. Either way, she becomes subjected to many “healing processes” and is eventually  sent to a convent to receive an exorcism. 

At the convent, Sierva Maria meet Father Cayetano, a priest. Father Cayetano instantly falls in love with Sierva and uses his power to protect her from having an exorcism.

The love between Sierva Maria and Father Cayetano is societally forbidden due to Sierva Maria’s age (the girl is only twelve) and Father Cayetano’s status. It is not clear if the two are sexually involved, but Father Cayetano does what he must to see her and to be by her side in her cell at the convent. 

Eventually, Father Cayetano is sent to a leper hospital, separating the pair. Without protection, Sierva Maria receives an exorcism and later dies, ending the whirlwind and truthfully inappropriate romance on a tragic note.

The relationship between Father Cayetano and Sierva Maria illustrates important social and religious issues, making it a cultural staple despite its questionable nature.

2. Florentino Ariza & Fermina Daza, Love in Times of Cholera

In his most famous romantic book, Garcia Marquez writes about a loving couple: Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza

Their story is full of encounters and misunderstandings. Florentino is a young man that fell in love with Fermina after seeing her around the city. They are both young and exchange love letters.

However, Fermina’s father does not approve of their relationship and prohibits her from seeing him. She refuses, so the family moves cities. 

Florentino and Fermina continue to exchange letters even while miles apart and eventually declare their love for each other. An eager Fermina later returns to her old city, but she soon realizes her love for Florentino was nothing but a young illusion and breaks up with him.

Florentino never recovers from the heartbreak, even going as far as promising to wait for Fermina to have a change of heart. 

Fermina, on the other hand, eventually marries Dr. Juvenal Urbino, with whom she has a long marriage full of ups and downs. 

When her husband dies, Fermina encounters Florentino at his funeral. Florentino expresses his undying love for her even despite her previous actions. After years separated, the two fall in love once again and live out their elder days together. 

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