The Top 7 Latin American Instagramers Right Now

By 30 October, 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a decade, you should be aware of the popularity that Instagram has gained since it began in 2010. Anyone and everyone can turn famous, and it appears as if Instagram influencers are becoming the new entrepreneurs of 2019 and beyond. It should come as little surprise that Latin American stars are crushing the Instagram game, with hundreds of accounts gaining millions of followers from all over the world.

We’ve picked seven of the coolest Latin American Instagramers who we believe will only keep rising in the ranks in the next few years.


Valentina is a Chilena living in Madrid who only has one life motto: “Dare to be different.” Good luck finding someone else who has such an esoteric fashion sense and a devil-may-care attitude toward hair and makeup. She wears what she wants, when she wants, and clearly thousands of followers adore her for it. Valentina appears as if she’s living every day enjoying shopping in the city, drinking and dancing in bars, and relaxing with some delicious cake and coffee… doesn’t sound too bad, does it?


Crystal is a self-proclaimed Californian introvert with her own clothing line. But if the images are anything to go by, her son is rather her favorite subject to post about. You’ll find cute pictures of mother and son enjoying their time together, as well as a few gorgeous selfies of the lovely Crystal (sometimes one of her attractive husband too!) along the way. Her Instagram looks so genuine and natural, which can’t be said of every account these days.


Yurigmakeup’s IG is without a doubt one of the most colorful and fun accounts you’re bound to see. She is all about being bold and unashamedly unique with her hair and makeup posts. However, there’s always a method to it all, as you’ll discover that her bright and colorful hair will always match her outfit, makeup and even her nails. We love how she tends to avoid anything simple, and instead always pushes the envelope of what beauty blogging can be. Plus, when it comes to semi-permanent hair dyes, she’s got to be among those leading the hot trend, as her hair ranges from silver, red, purple and green, to the stunning mermaid look.


One of many inspirational Afro Latinx influencers currently on Instagram and other forms of social media, you don’t get much RTIC cooler than Rafaela Franco. From her beautiful, natural curls to her long, sweeping braids, Rafaela shows us just how hair can be shaped and played with in so many eye-catching ways. Also, we haven’t even mentioned her accessories game yet! Not everyone rocks the big, sports glasses trend, but she pulls it off seamlessly, along with her gold, statement jewelry like hoop earrings, chain necklaces, and a silver septum piercing. In between fashion pics and selfies, she’ll also throw in pictures from her childhood and moments spent with the most important people in her life.


If you want to see the world through Gaby’s eyes, then you’d better buckle up! Her Instagram is jam-packed with some of the most amazing locations on Earth, from seaside resorts to river cruises to popular landmarks in exotic locations. As if her own beauty wasn’t reason enough to check out her account, the travel photos she uploads are often once-in-a-lifetime moments and she captures the true essence of being not just a traveler, but also an adventurer. Oh, and it goes without saying that her outfits will have you asking: “Where did she get that?!”


Marcela shows us that combining a life of being a mother of 3 and an Instagramer is completely possible! Her page is filled with fun days out with her family, healthy meals, beauty tips, and even a few fashion ideas thrown in here and there. She mostly documents the good times, but you’ll still find a few deep and meaningful posts about the challenges of motherhood and how to overcome them and rise above.


Danielle lives the vegan lifestyle and documents how simple and enjoyable it can be! She’ll post images of delicious, healthy vegan meals and gives several tips for staying the course. That’s not all, however, as Danielle is also a beauty blogger who knows her stuff! Her gorgeous makeup routines look so easy to pull off, but we know that not just anyone can do beauty blogging! Some eyeshadows are a bit intense (we’re talking bright pinks, neon greens, and deep violets) but the majority of the time, Danielle will provide some great tips for versatile hair and makeup routines fit for the workplace, drinks with friends, and first dates!

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