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The Last Summer of La Boyita

REVIEW The Last Summer of La Boyita

By 19 April, 2012

Julia Solomonoff‘s latest film is a sweet yet daring look at that awkward no man’s land between the end of childhood and the start of adolescence. The Boyita of the title is a campervan pod which also doubles... Read Article

The Mugger

REVIEW The Mugger

By 17 April, 2012

The Mugger (El Asaltante) is a story based on a real event which the director, Pablo Fendrik, read in a local newspaper. The assailant of the title was never caught, and likewise, in the film, we can only... Read Article


REVIEW Liverpool

By 12 April, 2012

I set about watching Liverpool with enthusiasm, thinking I was about to discover a gem of the Argentinean B-class film industry. Unknown actors, a storyline that didn’t give much away, the barren landscape of the south of Argentina…... Read Article

Back To Stay

REVIEW Back To Stay

By 03 April, 2012

Back To Stay (Argentine title: Abrir Puertas y Ventanas) is the story of three sisters living alone in their grandmother’s house. While the reasons for her absence becomes known during the film, the whereabouts of their parents remains... Read Article

Tango In The Movies

Tango In The Movies

By 02 April, 2012

The relation between tango and the movie industry in Argentina is much more complex than most people think. If you ask tango dancers about it, they will answer that they have seen Pablo Veron dance in Sally Potter’s... Read Article

Las Acacias

REVIEW Las Acacias

By 20 March, 2012

Las Acacias is a film in which the plot alone does not represent the film. Which is a good thing, as the story of an Argentine truck driver who gives a Paraguayan women and her child a lift... Read Article