Cinema of Argentina

BAFICI 2014 comes to an end

By 25 April, 2014

So, after twelve days, over 400 films, hundreds of thousands of cinema tickets sold, a whole bunch of awards, and enough free cocktails to fill the Rio de la Plata estuary on which Buenos Aires stands, the city’s... Read Article

REVIEW Ciencias Naturales

By 08 April, 2014

My favourite acting performance so far at BAFICI is undoubtedly that of 11-year old Paula Hertzog in Argentinean film Ciencias Naturales, a Córdoba-set tale of a young girl’s search for the biological father she has never met and of whom... Read Article

REVIEW White Elephant

By 19 April, 2013

Contrary to what the name might lead you to believe, White Elephant is not a film about the Millennium Dome, the new Wembley Stadium or even the Clissold Leisure Centre in Stoke Newington. The pale pachyderm referenced in... Read Article

REVIEW The Man Next Door

By 12 April, 2013

Leonardo (Rafael Spregelburd) is a successful interior designer whose obsession for architecture threatens to ruin his perfectly refined existence when his neighbour, Víctor (Daniel Aráoz), decides to knock himself a new window in a wall overlooking Leonardo’s modernist... Read Article