Karol Conka

DJ Cal Jader’s Best Tracks of 2015

By 18 December, 2015

In what is hopefully becoming an annual tradition here is DJ Cal Jader to bring you some of his favourite Latin-flavoured tracks from 2015. As the head honcho of Movimientos (Latin events producers and cultural agitators in London)... Read Article

WIN Karol Conka ‘Batuk Freak’ CD

By 16 March, 2014

Batuk Freak, the debut album from Brazilian rapper Karol Conka, is one of the most talked-about releases on this Brazil-obsessed World Cup year. We can understand why; assured rapping, memorable hooks, great beats and a diverse production all... Read Article

Best Albums Of 2013

By 20 December, 2013

There is little doubt that it has been a great year for South American music. The proof of that can be found in how hard it was for us to select just 20 albums as representing the cream... Read Article