Latin American Electronica

REVIEW Uji – Alborada

By 23 July, 2018

Following a series of singles, Uji aka Luis Maurette, has released his debut album Alborada and it’s potentially one of the electronic albums of the year. Maurette has been a constant figure in the Latin American underground over... Read Article

REVIEW Eduardo Zambrano – Ritual

By 16 August, 2016

The awareness of the present can at times feel like a paradox. Like an empty gap of space nuzzled between two great weights, the past and the future push both against and into each other to continually create... Read Article

REVIEW Quixosis – De Fiúcher

By 23 June, 2016

Pulsing, crackling, floating – the sounds and vibes on the latest offering from Ecuadorian producer Quixosis are varied, complex and hard to define. The 12 tracks seem better classified as thoughts and conversations that blur the lines of Andean minimal,... Read Article

Barrio Lindo Remixes Populous!

By 29 January, 2015

We’re very much enjoying this brand new remix by Argentine producer Barrio Lindo, a producer who is very much riding the crest of a wave at the moment, fresh as he is from releasing his Menoko album and... Read Article