Frente Bolivarista Releases 2nd Compilation of New Electronic Music from Latin America

By 09 March, 2015

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we told you about Frente Bolivarista, a new record label and compilation promoting some of the most forward-thinking and inventive electronic music producers in Latin America. Well, the label is back with another compilation, titled sequentially Frente Bolivarista – Vol​.​2, which again proves a great reminder of the quality electronic music being made in Latin America right now.

Frente Bolivarista is the brainchild of Brazilian musician/producer Pigmalião. He describes this second compilation’s aim as to “strengthen the link between different cultures through music in a single desire: Harmony” and as a record where “you’ll find afro-latin themes as the common denominator among the Latin American regional idiosyncrasies presented as original tracks, remixes and remote collaborations.”

The compilation features Pigmalião, alongside fellow Brazilians Carrot Green and Chico Correa, an almighty collaboration between Costa Rica’s NILLO and Brazilian experimentalist Sentidor on “Lamento del Chamain”, as well as Chile’s Señor Chancho, Argentina’s Barda, Peru’s Elegante y la Imperial and Colombian/Argentine duo Lulazruza, to name just a few of the artists involved.

Frente Bolivarista – Vol​.​2 is available to buy from Bandcamp

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