Onda Vaga bring a touch of Cabo Polonio to Buenos Aires

By 03 December, 2010

We have been loving Onda Vaga‘s Fuerte y Caliente album ever since it was released a couple of years ago. You can imagine our delight then when we found out that Vincent Moon had recorded the band as part of his Take-Away Shows. Thus, we get four videos of Onda Vaga, who formed in the beach village of Cabo Polonio in Uruguay, playing in Buenos Aires, with the kind of delightful visuals that Vincent has managed to perfect through his guerilla film-making. Here are the vids with a few notes on the band:

Cabo Polonio is a small village located on the Eastern coast of Uruguay. There are no roads leading to the village. To get there you can either walk or hire a dune buggy. On arrival, you will find no electricity. Lanterns are used at night. The village itself, and the sand dunes that lead to it, are some of the most beautiful locations you will find in Uruguay, if not South America. This is where Onda Vaga formed.

Onda Vaga have been performing together for many years – no doubt one of the reasons why they seem so effortless as a group. They released their first album Fuerte y Caliente in 2008. This has now been followed up by a fantastic new effort Espiritu Selvaje.

“Vincent shot them a hot afternoon that started in a house and finished in a park at sunset. As I saw them walking down the streets of my neighborhood in sweaty February, singing out loud, sharing this acoustic optimism with the pedestrians, “all for one, one for all” like happy Musketeers, I realised that it doesn’t matter if sand or asphalt is under their feet, if sea shells or traffic jam wash upon their shore, they carry summer in their eyes, and share it with the world.”
Carla Sanguineti

These videos were originally posted on La Blogotheque as part of their Take-Away Shows series.

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