Enjoy the Bittersweet Rhythms of Argentine Desdel Barro

By 01 June, 2020

As a metaphor for a bunch of grapes (racimo in Spanish), Argentinean producer and HiedraH affiliate, Desdel Barro, gives us a feast of South American flavours on Racimo, his new album made on the road while touring different countries of the southern continent.

His views of the land are diverse, as is reflected on the album, which has a tropical essence but is also covered with darker atmospheres. In Chile he was able to come face to face with the Chilean uprisings, and managed to collaborate with local producer Carlomarco on stand-out track “Refugio”.

Overall, the songs merge into each other like a cluster (or bunch), joined by a common ground, looking for stillness in a struggling Latin America, with the good and the bad circling overhead.

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