Discos Pacífico: A New Sonic Engine is Born on Colombia’s Pacific Coast

By 08 June, 2020

Though most of Colombia’s musical exports have been historically focused in the vivid sounds of the Caribbean, the country’s Pacific Coast is an equally ancient and mystical region, and it has earned quite a bit of exposure in more mainstream circuits as of late. From internationally acclaimed, Grammy award nominees Canalón de Timbiquí, to local supergroups like La Pacifican Power and Espíritu Balanta y Estrellas de Timbiquí, the general hype for marimba-driven sounds hailing from the riverbanks of Tumaco, Guapi and Timbiquí, has grown massively in recent years.

Born under the creative direction of Llorona Records‘ head producer Diego Gomez, Discos Pacífico seeks to become an axis that unites the multiple efforts made by musicians and producers alike, in these cheerful yet heavily forgotten territories. The project’s objective is not only to become an engine for sonic production, but also for the traffic and live exposure of this vibrant music scene.

Súbale el volumen pa' que se vaya entonando.Síganos pa' que se vaya enterando.#TerritoriosDeOportunidad

Posted by Discos Pacífico on Monday, 4 May 2020

Listen to Discos Pacífico’s first official release “Entre Patía y Sanquianga”: a meditative and polyphonic tale that evokes the thick swamps of the Pacific, and is deeply rooted in the rich history of San Andrés de Tumaco. The tune is interpreted by Agrupación Changó, and it was crafted in the studio by none other than Ivan Benavides, a true legend of Colombia’s underground rock ‘n’ roll and folklore scene (as a member/producer of Bloque, Sidestepper and Rio Mira, amongst other projects).

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