Analog Africa Announce Compilation of Mexico’s Extra Slow ‘Cumbia Rebajada’

By 15 February, 2022

It feels like a good time for a compilation of cumbia rebajada to get its due on vinyl. This particular style of cumbia started in Mexico in the early 90s when originators like Sonido Imperial’s Marco Antonio Cedillo, and Sonido Dueñez, started pitching down their favourite cumbia tracks, making the beat even slower – you can read the full story of Sonido Dueñez here – and the style caught on big time, especially in Monterrey and Mexico City. Recently, these versions, which were originally released as cassettes, started getting love by DJs online, while the 2019 film I’m No Longer Here (Ya No Estoy Aquí) showed the Kolombia or Colombianito lifestyle (i.e. the lifestyle of Mexicans who love Colombian music, especially when it’s slowed down!) in full flow.

Now, Analog Africa are preparing to release Saturno 2000 – La Rebajada de Los Sonideros 1962​-​1983, a double vinyl of cumbia rebajada, featuring mainly instrumental classic cumbia cuts from Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia that the Sonido Imperial sound system would have played. It’s been compiled by Analog Africa’s Samy Ben Redjeb as well as rebajada enthusiast Eamon Ore-Giron (aka DJ Lengua), who applied the pitch control to these tracks.

As to why the dancers in Mexico loved the slower versions so much, Miguel Ángel, the nephew of Marco Antonio Cedillo of Sonido Imperial (creator of the sliding pitch mechanism in Mexico) says: “It’s because of our musical traditions here in Mexico. We are not used to dancing to such fast-paced rhythms, our ears and feet are used to danzón, slower styles, and if it wasn’t for the pitch many songs wouldn’t have become popular here.”

Saturno 2000 – La Rebajada de Los Sonideros 1962​-​1983 will be released on April 25 by Analog Africa.

The first single, “La Borrachita” by Junior Y Su Equipo, is a delirious 8-bit cumbia, and is available now.

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