Learning Salsa? Here’s How to Deal with Muscle Pain

By 11 May, 2021

At the heart of Latin music, salsa, a style of dance where partners spin and turn around the dancefloor in highly aerobic exercise, can be found. While this dance can help get your blood running and keep you healthy and fit, it also comes with its drawbacks, one of them being severe muscle pain. If you are currently learning or you plan to start on the journey of learning salsa, this article is perfect for you. In the next paragraphs, you will read about muscle pain caused by salsa dancing and how to deal with it.

Prevention is the Best Cure

Just like with every medical condition, prevention is the best cure. This being said, the first step towards healing your muscle pain is to try to prepare your body for the strain that it will experience. Before signing up for that class, it is important to consider the following: salsa is a dance style with repetitive moves, you will have to dance in heels, previous dancing skills are important, your partner can help lift you or drag you down, your medical history and your current physique can all help make a difference in preventing any potential injuries. Take all these factors into account before signing up as it will not only make the learning process more enjoyable but it will also help prevent any dance injuries.

Warm-up and Prepare Your Body

The next step on the list is warming up and preparing your body. Salsa is a highly strenuous type of dance that can be hard on your body. The repetitive moves can overwork certain muscle categories in your body. Before class, make sure to:

  • do a proper stretching session;
  • give your muscles a gentle massage;
  • drink plenty of water or electrolyte drinks and stay hydrated;
  • take lots of rest;

As salsa is a very technical dance it is important to pay attention to your teachers’ instructions, to follow their steps, and to maintain your posture as indicated by them.

Post Salsa Remedies For Muscle Pain

Preventing and being prepared are great ways to deal with the muscle pain caused by dancing salsa, however, this cannot be entirely avoided. This is why the post-dance routine is just as important for the proper recovery of your body. Some things you must do after your dance workout include:

  • staying active and avoiding complete immobilization and rest;
  • stretching and cooling down your muscles;
  • applying ice on the areas affected to avoid or to reduce inflammation;
  • increasing your blood flow by taking a hot bath or shower;
  • applying a gel from the CBD softgels collection to help reduce soreness;
  • wrapping the injured area for a faster healing process;
  • seeking medical help when the pain and injury lasts longer than normal;

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that while salsa can help make you dance and stay healthy it can also damage your body. With the help of the above tips and tricks, you are now one step closer to living out your salsa fantasies while also being able to deal with the muscle pain that comes with it.

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