Colombian Film


By 09 July, 2018

Following the touching and action-packed La Playa D.C. (2012), former Colombian National University student, Juan Andres Arango, returns to present us with X500*, an urban cinematic tale of youth, migration, and the struggle to claim a space and an... Read Article

REVIEW Candelaria

By 05 April, 2018

Candelaria (Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza, 2017) is a heartwarming but rickety Havana tale of rediscovering sensuality later in life, without the abounding possibilities of youth or money. Candelaria and Víctor Hugo (played by Verónica Lynn and Alden Knight) are... Read Article

REVIEW Gente de Bien

By 17 April, 2015

The issues tackled in Gente de Bien, Franco Lolli’s award-winning social drama, are familiar to Latin American film: poverty, hardship, familial strife and the differences between rich and poor. However, Lolli manages to tackle these familiar themes in a... Read Article

REVIEW The Colours of the Mountain

By 02 June, 2014

A mountain village caught in the crossfire between guerillas and paramilitary groups in Colombia is the subject of The Colours of the Mountain (Spanish: Los Colores De La Montaña | Carlos César Arbeláez, 2010), a beautifully evocative and... Read Article

Gordo, Calvo y Bajito

REVIEW Gordo, Calvo y Bajito

By 27 August, 2012

The overweight, follically-challenged and short-statured man of the title is Antonio Farfán (Álvaro Bayona). A worker in a notary office whose daily plod through life is rather unfulfilling. He is teased by his younger colleagues, ignored by women,... Read Article

La Playa DC


By 30 July, 2012

La Playa DC centres around a young person living in Bogotá, struggling to find a place for himself in the world amongst all the challenges which family life and a difficult economic situation can bring.