Danz On

MIXTAPE DANZ ON 20: Klik & Frik

By 11 June, 2021

Argentina’s Rafa Caivano and Lisandro Sona have undergone various transmutations since first forming Frikstailers in 2006. Back then, the pair’s maiden musical steps were underpinned by an obsession with fusing disparate cultures and sound-colours. Releasing their blend of... Read Article


By 14 May, 2021

Pioneering sound artist Tamara Montenegro is better known under her nom de plume NAOBA. For over a decade, the Nicaraguan producer, singer and DJ (and namesake of Lake Nicaragua’s Ometepe Island natives), has been leading the organic downtempo,... Read Article

MIXTAPE DANZ ON 18: Los Bitchos

By 16 April, 2021

London-based Los Bitchos are a psychedelic cumbia quartet formed in 2017 after having found inspiration in the acclaimed compilation of instrumental Peruvian Cumbia The Roots of Chicha. Since their formation they have beguiled audiences with their breezy blend... Read Article

MIXTAPE DANZ ON 17: El Dragón Criollo

By 02 April, 2021

Coming from the capital of salsa, Cali’s El Dragón Criollo keeps rhythm in his blood, though living now in Geneva. The Pacific-city expat, who splits his time between performing with his groups Contento, La Jungla and Acid Coco,... Read Article


By 19 March, 2021

JKriv, woven into the fabric of Brooklyn’s club culture, is a producer, DJ, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and label- owner, whose two-decade-strong career has earned him ample accolades. Described as “an innovator of the scene” by legendary Defected Records boss Simon Dunmore, his... Read Article

MIXTAPE DANZ ON 15: Entropia-Entalpia

By 26 February, 2021

Entropia-Entalpia is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Recife, who, following a two-year stint in Angola, moved to São Paulo, becoming a linchpin within the city’s world-revered alternative club scene. An integral member of the coveted Mamba Negra collective,... Read Article


By 19 February, 2021

El Palmas – real name Maurice Aymard – is a Venezuelan DJ and selector, residing in Barcelona with a big task on his hands – in his own words, “the awakening of ancient gods of the tropics.” His... Read Article

MIXTAPE DANZ ON 13: Victor Miguez

By 05 February, 2021

Victor Miguez, aka Miguez, is a Paulista producer and DJ, as well as Bongosynth label and Apartamento 21 party founder. While the São Paulo party focuses on street celebrations in order to ensure people can dance together irrespective... Read Article


By 22 January, 2021

It’s no overstatement to claim that Paulo Tessuto is responsible for much of São Paulo’s incomparably colourful, boundary-pushing electronic music scene. The producer, DJ, teacher, promoter, host and activist has been shaping Paulistas’ party experiences since starting to... Read Article