In Ecuador, a Sexual Narrative Reversed

By 27 February, 2018

In most countries in Latin America, members of the LGTBQ community tend to gravitate to cities as they more gay friendly than rural areas. In Ecuador, however, the situation is reversed. In fact, says anthropologist O. Hugo Benavides,... Read Article

REVIEW Transit Havana

By 06 July, 2016

Director Daniel Abma has created a film that shows the reality of Cuba in many layers, some of which are subtle and some that are not. The name of the film itself, Transit Havana gives one the impression... Read Article

REVIEW Juntos Y Revueltos

By 06 April, 2016

Directed by Nicolás Muñoz, Juntos y Revueltos offers an insight into El Mejunje de Silverio, a cultural centre located in Santa Clara, Cuba. El Mejunje is a unique place which hosts a variety of shows, concerts, performances and activities. However, its... Read Article