San Basilio de Palenque

REVIEW Lido Pimienta – Miss Colombia

By 17 April, 2020

Miss Colombia, Lido Pimienta’s third album is a gloriously introspective album that delves into Pimienta’s complicated relationship to her birth country. Through harmony, rhythm and energetic production, Lido narrates a journey of acceptance, of discovering herself as a site of rich, painful and joyous fusion.

New video: Colectro ‘Magende’

By 15 August, 2013

It’s always ‘puro vacilón’ when our favorite Bogotá, Colombia,-based Barranquilleros release new music.  Colectro, which dub their style of folkloric-tinged rock music as coletera, have gifted fans with quite the psychedelic track in ‘Magende.’ The video features the psychedelic journey of... Read Article

NEW VIDEO: Mitú “Mercedez”

By 16 July, 2013

Colombian electro-champeta duo Mitú today premièred the third video from their debut Potro album. Mitú, which pairs the percussion and vocals of Franklin “Lamparita” Tejedor (hailing from the famous Afro-Colombian town of San Basilio de Palenque) with the... Read Article

Palenke Soultribe feat. Batata “El Makako”

By 23 July, 2012

Brand new video from Palenke Soultribe, the Los Angeles-based Colombians with a taste for mixing their Colombian roots with electronic styles. Their upcoming record Palenke vs. Palenque is a collaboration with Palenque Records, a Colombian record label who... Read Article

Channelling Cumbia with Leon Murcia

Channelling Cumbia with Leon Murcia

By 06 April, 2012

Leon Murcia is a man of cumbia. He was born to a mother of African descent and a father with indigenous blood. Spending his formative years in Barranquilla on Colombia’s Atlantic coast, his own upbringing very much epitomises... Read Article