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PREMIÈRE: Cocofunka’s Javier Arce Releases Captivating New Music Video With Strong Political Message

By 01 March, 2018

Javier Arce, the lead singer of Cocofunka, continues his solo project with latest single “Onces”. Mixing R&B with traditional Caribbean tropical alt-funk, Arce intends to tread a different path from that of his band, with an end goal of helping establish a strong electronic music scene in Costa Rica.

The video for “Onces” is directed by Mila Navarro. Set in a hazy and desert setting, the star of the piece is most definitely dancer Marian Luna. The song itself has a down-tempo vibe with small doses of reggaeton in the choruses. Javier’s singing is whispered, not too far from the cadence of indigenous song. It inspires and leads to reflection. Taken with Luna’s dance it is truly captivating and gives life to Javier’s interpretations.

Yet, the background to the track and Arce’s intentions are far from simply wanting to captivate, instead speaking of the current sociopolitical situation in Costa Rica. Here’s Arce to give you his take on things:

“Costa Rica is now under a cultural and political pressure that I haven’t yet experienced in my life. It is not anymore just corruption and demagogy, now we have extreme homophobic religious fundamentalists with no experience at all leading the elections for the next president just by using simple populism and people’s faith.

The video of “Onces” intends to portray a being struggling to be liberated under a big oppressive borealis, [which] is now a metaphor of the fight the youth is doing in my country against all this old fundamentalism that makes us feel oppressed and powerless. But we have faith, as the costarican poet Isaac Felipe Azofeifa said: “it never gets darker than when it’s about to dawn”.”

Arce will be playing US dates this year, as well as various international festivals (including a big one in Costa Rica, so stay tuned). “Onces” is available for free download from Bandcamp.

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