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11 Famous Forró Songs

By 18 November, 2019

It’s difficult to define forró. Typically, we tend to associate classic forró with the sertão countryside of north-eastern Brazil – a dry, cactus and cattle-filled region of which the forró masters would sing, especially about droughts and love.... Read Article

Ney Matogrosso’s Best Songs

By 23 October, 2019

Ney Matogrosso is a controversial character. He’s known for his bold, daring aesthetic and high-octave countertenor voice that has earned him his rightful place as one of the best Brazilian singers of all time. He first made a... Read Article

REVIEW Miguelito

By 23 September, 2019

Nominated for the Discovery Award for Best Debut feature at the Radiance Film Festival 2019, Miguelito is a documentary by Australian film director and musician Sam Zubryck that follows the tale of a young Puerto Rican boy, Miguelito,... Read Article

Criolo to Play London in September

By 14 August, 2019

Criolo is a man of vision, words, passion and poetry. A Brazilian icon, he speaks from the heart about his country’s political and social climate, whilst also “slapping us in the face” with hard-truths about our society on... Read Article