Santé les Amis releases video for “Brasil” and remixes album

By 23 February, 2014

After Uruguayan rock group Santé les Amis released their bombastic debut LP Sudamericana late 2012, a lot of us were left wondering where they were going next. While the answer is not an entirely new slew of music, the band has just released the first video for the punk/tropical single “Brasil”. It’s everything we’ve come to expect from the Montevideo crew: it’s a funk gem that suddenly turns into a raucous disco track, with an equally shiny video to boot.

Directed by Boki & Chelo from Productora Caramba, the video features Santé les Amis in various, filtered out beach settings, singing and dancing charmingly to the songs nu-tropical/New York dance punk grooves. It’s tropicalia done the Uruguayan way, with lots kitsch, sun-washed colours and dazed out visions of palm trees and blue beaches. As a Caribbean dweller, I can say that all sounds about right. The beach party at the end is especially attention grabbing. With the coloured flare lights and the fireworks, it almost feels like they’re stranded on an island and this may as well be the last party. Nice one, SLA.

On that note, the group also released an insane remixes album, Sudamericana Remixes y Versiones, which you can download for free on the band’s homepage. The record is a superb and updated complement to their last album, with collaborations from heavy-hitters Onda Vaga, ZMEK, La Teja Pride and Inooits, among others. In it, these artists transform an already great record into a deejay set that goes through some of the best sounds that EDM (the genre as we’ve come to know it in the last three years) has produced –as is the case of the Daft Punk-ish “Robots” (remixed by Inooits) and ZMEK’s dubstep take on “Huracán”. It also has a funk flavoured cover of “She Gets Me”, with reworked vocals by UT UT UT. Listening to this album lets you know the influence Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories and Kavinsky’s Outrun had on absolutely everyone who was paying attention.

But that’s not all; they’ve also got an undeniable reggae dub diamond like Vacaima’s rework of “The Road”, and the can’t miss Onda Vaga cover of “Brasil”. As far as remix albums goes, this is an absolute must listen.

You can download Sudamericana Remixes y Versiones here or download Santé les Amis Sudamericana over at Bandcamp.

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