Review Motivado – Cobalto


With time and the knowledge gained in parallel projects, his electronic trio Estancia La Mar, and his continuous collaborations with female vocalists like Kinética or the Argentinean Violeta Castillo, Motivado has shown a deeper and broader aspect of his music. When listen to his name, we probably think of the first Discos Pegaos years, and the balearic disco anthems he gave us as an oddity to the dance floor. Now, we will experience a new palette of textures and sounds.

Analogue drum machines and synths are still the weapons of choice, so of course we are still dealing with the same sensibility and skills of classic EPs like, Bobby Fischer and Stasi. The thing is, Mario Martínez gave a profound thought of what he wanted to do as a full length album, so this project is more like a trip, with ups and downs and thoughtful moments. You can see that explicitly on the duration of the tracks, with many of them functioning as interludes or little sound experiments.

Entering the promotional stage of the album, the first single we were able to hear was “Thelema,” a slow jam of ambient pads with an entering to the nature kind of vibe, which complemented very well with the concept of the art made by label co-founder, Ariel Altamirano (aka Dementira). This move was a very clear introduction of what is the project’s essence, with profound emotional journeys and complex landscapes, that also shows a more organic side of Motivado, taking a track like “Seres De Crau” as an example.

Of course, there is a little something for everyone in Cobalto, like the tittle track that is more upbeat, closer to a club feeling. And this album is about that, feelings, somethings that is a staple mark in Discos Pegaos crew, one of the labels in Chile that manages to keep this very intelligent interpretation of electronic music, playing around with dance friendly and experimental tracks, is looking to reach new heights, with full length materials coming this end of the year, and hopefully the one that comes next.

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