Chilean Cinema

REVIEW Matar A Un Hombre

By 12 April, 2016

“When you reach the point of taking someone’s life, you’re going against something… biological.” Alejandro Fernández Almendras, director of the critically acclaimed Matar A Un Hombre (English title: To Kill a Man) makes an astute observation here: to... Read Article

REVIEW The Pearl Button

By 16 March, 2016

“The Indians of Patagonia believed that souls didn’t die and that they could live again as stars.” Five years after making Nostalgia for the Light, Patricio Guzmán comes back to fascinate us again with the second in a... Read Article

REVIEW La Pasión de Michelangelo

By 25 February, 2014

Set in 1983, La Pasión de Michelangelo (The Passion of Michelangelo) follows events at Peñablanca, a small fly-blown inland town from Valparaiso, Chile. It’s 10 years into General Pinochet’s tenure and the government, whilst still requiring the full... Read Article

How Chilean Cinema Ruled in 2013

By 28 December, 2013

If the last few years have witnessed growing recognition, both critically and commercially, for the Chilean film industry, 2013 has been a year of consolidation for cinema in the narrow country, as Chile provided further justification to those... Read Article


By 13 September, 2013

Chilean director Sebastian Lelio’s fourth feature-film Gloria is an at once uplifting and melancholic tale of loneliness, romance and, ultimately, female independence. Focusing squarely on the physical and emotional journey of Gloria, a fifty-something woman living in modern-day... Read Article

REVIEW Dog Flesh (Carne de Perro)

By 18 June, 2013

Redemption for past sins is the key premise of Dog Flesh (Carne de Perro), the debut feature film from Chilean director Fernando Guzzoni. It is the story of Alejandro (played by Alejandro Goic), a middle-aged man who is... Read Article