Chilean Movies

REVIEW The Pearl Button

By 16 March, 2016

“The Indians of Patagonia believed that souls didn’t die and that they could live again as stars.” Five years after making Nostalgia for the Light, Patricio Guzmán comes back to fascinate us again with the second in a... Read Article

REVIEW Violeta Went to Heaven

By 22 January, 2013

A tragic portrait of a talented yet troubled woman, Violeta Went to Heaven, from Chilean director Andrés Wood (Historias De Fútbol, La Fiebre Loco) allows us a touching glimpse at the life of Violeta Parra, singer, painter and... Read Article

REVIEW Post Mortem

By 26 September, 2011

Pablo Larraín’s vision of Santiago, Chile in 1973 looks every bit as drab as Britain from the same time. The houses and people are adorned with the same beige and brown colours as you might expect from a... Read Article