Colombian Cinema

REVIEW Manos Sucias

By 01 July, 2015

Tackling the drug trade on Colombia’s Pacific coast, Josef Kubota Wladyka’s debut feature film Manos Sucias is a deeply affecting portrayal of the violence and desperation wreaked by narco-trafficking. Executive producer Spike Lee’s name is not out of... Read Article

REVIEW Ruido Rosa

By 05 March, 2015

Ruido Rosa (Pink Noise, 2014) by Colombian director, Roberto Flores Prieto is a film preoccupied by sound. The film inverts the normal role of everyday background sounds and brings them to the fore as an essential element in... Read Article

REVIEW The Colours of the Mountain

By 02 June, 2014

A mountain village caught in the crossfire between guerillas and paramilitary groups in Colombia is the subject of The Colours of the Mountain (Spanish: Los Colores De La Montaña | Carlos César Arbeláez, 2010), a beautifully evocative and... Read Article

REVIEW Inés, Recuerdos De Una Vida

By 30 May, 2014

Whilst life is invariably fatal, implicit in this process is suffering; to live is to suffer; to suffer is to live. Some get off lightly, but in the end everyone of flesh, bone and blood gets it in... Read Article