Marcelo Cabral

REVIEW Elza Soares – The Woman at the End of the World

By 25 July, 2016

There is nothing surprising about the way that Elza Soares‘ latest album begins. Soares is one of Brazil’s most revered singers, loved for her highly-emotive delivery. Her sincere, raw, guttural voice has always distinguished her from the pack, but as she... Read Article

REVIEW Criolo – Convoque Seu Buda

By 19 January, 2015

On his first album since breakout success Nó Na Orelha (2011) Criolo showcases his versatility and artistic vision by combining a rhymes and social critique with catchy beats, melodies and a startling fluidity between regional, national and global... Read Article

First Taster from Criolo’s New Album

By 30 October, 2014

“Convoque Seu Buda” is the first track to surface from Criolo’s new album, an album which we are presuming will be called Convoque Seu Buda too. The track uses the same production team as Criolo’s breakthrough album Nó... Read Article

The Rise of Amabis

By 08 January, 2014

Up until the last three years, fans of MPB in and outside Brazil may not have necessarily recognized Guilherme Amabis’ full name, but they had, undeniably, heard his music before. He’s worked on soundtracks for Hollywood blockbusters like... Read Article

REVIEW Passo Torto – Passo Elétrico

By 17 December, 2013

I’d been planning on writing a review of Passo Torto‘s second album ever since it came out in May this year. It’s an album I keep coming back to, that keeps surprising me. It has an immediacy that... Read Article