Tom Zé

REVIEW Os Brazões – Os Brazões

By 19 May, 2015

Formed in Rio de Janeiro in 1968, Os Brazões started life playing support for Gal Costa and Tom Zé before RGE Records gave them the chance to record this album. And what an album it is. Something of... Read Article

REVIEW Igapó de Almas “A”

By 02 September, 2014

During my travels in Brazil’s Northeast and Amazonas regions I often envisaged turning on the radio and tapping into some form of regional roots music, a more relaxed flipside to the energetic carimbó, guitarrada and tecnobrega styles that... Read Article

REVIEW Sombra – Fantastico Mundo Popular

By 21 August, 2013

I’ve always thought that Brazilian contemporary music is a great example of a perfect balance and mixture between traditional roots and global trends. I mean, this started happening back in Tom Jobim’s time, when samba was sparked up... Read Article