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Paulo Srulevitch is a bilingual writer. Contributing for Sounds and Colours and Argentina´s Indie Hoy. More of his portfolio at


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REVIEW Femina – Perlas y Conchas

By 08 November, 2019

The vast creativity of Argentine musicians has kept them as frontrunners of the Latin American musical avant-garde, noticeably so in the face of the prevailing Latin-pop wave. Their imperishable curiosity has motored recent artists on an inquiry amongst... Read Article

REVIEW 7 Reasons to Run Away (From Society)

By 17 September, 2019

Although one could easily find hundreds of reasons to run away from society, Esteve Soler, David Torras and Gerard Quinto have shortlisted just seven in their SXSW-premiered film 7 Reasons to Run Away (From Society). The film, nominated... Read Article

REVIEW Making Movies – Ameri’kana

By 29 May, 2019

Making Movies have released their latest album Ameri’kana calling for more awareness of the importance of Latin culture in America. Rather than follow recent tendencies to merge international pop music, they stand by their independence as a rock... Read Article

REVIEW Ayermaniana – El Reflejo

By 07 May, 2019

El Reflejo is the latest release from Buenos Aires’ Ayermaniana, a seven-track album featuring psychedelic classic rock croons unblemished by the age of the genre. Crispy blues-driven licks and alien-like reverb merge and strike the band’s third album... Read Article

REVIEW Totó La Momposina – Oyé Manita

By 06 March, 2019

Oye Manita is a glance at post-colonial musical resistance courtesy of Colombia’s legendary singer Totó La Momposina. Her voice is the leading instrument, the brush on Oye Manita‘s canvas; its hearty colors are the instruments that follow, providing light... Read Article

REVIEW Las Sombras – Crudo

By 06 September, 2018

After their successful debut, Las Sombras went straight back in to record their second studio album, Crudo. The band’s previous work was well received by the underground blues youth and there was plenty of opportunities for them to... Read Article