The Best Websites about Chilean Music

By 29 October, 2010

Here is our guide to some of the websites which we feel best represent the music of Chile. If you have any additional suggestions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Soda Pop TV – original video documenting not only the music of Chile, but it’s art, culture and literature too. Some of the best underground indie music can be discovered here, bands including CAL, Umbría en Kalafate and T.O.C. as well as film-makers and authors from Chile and overseas. The quality of some of the video can be quite basic, but the quality of the content is never diminished.

La Vitrola – music videos of new Chilean artists performing their own songs. This is a really nice site supported by the University of Chile, which might explain why the quality of the video is so good. I’ve discovered plenty of great new Chilean musicians here, people like Felipe Cadenasso and Matías Cena. Each artist gets three videos and a photo gallery. I don’t know why these kinds of sites aren’t funded in countries all over the world. A great place to discover new music. – website celebrating indie music from all over the world, though obviously with a big Chilean slant, seeing as that’s where they’re from. The site can be a little hard to navigate but does have plenty of new reviews and features. This is also a good place to find out what’s going on in Chile, as their agenda is very well informed.

Extravaganza – bursting with indie music from both Chile and abroad this is one of the most high profile blogs in Chile, and quite often gets some great exclusive content. Though often giving much limelight to international acts it does offer much encouragement for Chileans too. A great read!

Pueblo Nuevo – an electronic music net label. There’s not really much more I can say to describe it any better, other than they also promote concerts and they have one hell of a catalogue. In fact, I would go so far as to say that this is one of the most concise catalogues of South American (and some European) music I have seen.

En Busca del Tiempo Perdido – mp3 blog specialising in music that has been forgotten. There is a wide assortment of Chilean rock and punk as well as bands from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, all with downloads. I discovered Manduka, Los Blops and Los Javias on this page, which can’t be a bad thing!

Indie Music Chile – this is a blog in a similar vein to, focusing on indie music from Chile and from overseas, making it ultimately a great source for anyone interested in indie music who happens to be in Chile. Its agenda is very up-to-date with plenty of things to do in Santiago and I would also recommend downloading the mixtapes, which are a great introduction to Chile’s indie music scene.

Discos Violeta – this blog has not been updates since August 2010 but is still an amazing source of information for Violeta Parra, with loads of downloads of her music as well as the music of Robert, Angel and Isabel Parra and Margot Loyola. A great page for doing some research on one of Chile’s finest folk singers and progenitors of the nueva cancion movement.

Sello Cazador – the home of some of our favourite Chilean indie bands, including Denver and Protistas. Best of all – everything is free to download. You couldn’t really ask for more than that. This is a great place to explore some of Chile’s finest indie bands.

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