Helado Negro “Young, Latin & Proud”

By 07 August, 2015

We loved Helado Negro‘s latest single “Young, Latin and Proud” as soon as we heard it and now it has a pretty amazing new animated video to accompany it. Created by Michael Gersten, Peiter Hergert and Daniel Moreno the video is the perfect conduit for Helado Negro’s empowering song for young Latinos. Here’s what Helado Negro, aka Roberto Carlos Lange, has to say about the track:

Contemporary Latino culture is underrepresented and consistently confused with cliches that haunt more commercial representations. My interest in creating this song was always a private one, a possible dialogue between me and a very young me. Singing me to sleep after a long day, letting me know that it’s okay to be young, Latin and proud.”

Download “Young, Latin & Proud”

Listen to more Helado Negro at heladonegro.bandcamp.com

Read our recent interview with Roberto here.

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