Latin American Documentaries

REVIEW Juntos Y Revueltos

By 06 April, 2016

Directed by Nicolás Muñoz, Juntos y Revueltos offers an insight into El Mejunje de Silverio, a cultural centre located in Santa Clara, Cuba. El Mejunje is a unique place which hosts a variety of shows, concerts, performances and activities. However, its... Read Article

REVIEW The Pearl Button

By 16 March, 2016

“The Indians of Patagonia believed that souls didn’t die and that they could live again as stars.” Five years after making Nostalgia for the Light, Patricio Guzmán comes back to fascinate us again with the second in a... Read Article

Marc Karlin’s Nicaragua Series To Screen at UCL

By 28 October, 2014

The late Marc Karlin’s remarkable series of films documenting Nicaragua’s revolution will be screened at UCL, London over three days in November, and will be accompanied by complimentary discussions to offer real insight into Nicaragua’s volatile political history... Read Article


By 25 May, 2014

The documentary Don Ca, from Colombian director Patricia Ayala Ruiz, is ostensibly the story of one man, sixty-year old Camilo Arroyo, who has spent a large part of his life living in the town of Guapi on Colombia’s... Read Article

REVIEW Alamar (To The Sea)

By 24 March, 2013

Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio’s 2009 documentary Alamar (To The Sea) is a film about life. You could say of course that all films are about life in one way or another but here the camera literally teems with living vitality... Read Article



By 07 June, 2012

Aluna holds a long-awaited message and the anticipation of its release has been brewing, not only amongst documentary film lovers, but anyone that remembers the BBC’s 1990 film, From The Heart of The World: The Elder Brother’s Warning.... Read Article