Video Special: Pequeno Cidadão

By 04 April, 2011

One of my favourite projects of recent years has been Pequeno Cidadão, a project for kids by some of the best musicians in Brazil. I wish I had been played music like this when I was a kind. The record, which was released in 2009, was created by Arnaldo Antunes, Edgard Scandurra, Taciana Barros and Arnaldo Pinto, and features a number of other collaborators. They describe the idea as such:

The songs were inspired by our children, by our experiences as parents and also by our memories of infancy.

As well as playing the songs in concert the group produced a DVD of the songs re-imagined as animations, as well as a book A Fantástica Viagem do Pequeno Cidadão. It is those animations which we wanted to post here though, starting with one of the first songs they completed, “Tchau Chupeta,” all about saying goodbye to your dummy.

Tchau Chupeta (Music by Taciana Barros & Arnaldo Antunes)

Bonequinha do Papai (Music by Edgard Scandurra & Antonio Pinto)

Pequeno Cidadão (Music by Antonio Pinto & Arnaldo Antunes)

Sapo Boi (Music by Edgard Scandurra)

Lagartixa (Music by Arnaldo Antunes & Betão Aguiar)

O Sol e a Lua (Music by Antonio Pinto & Taciana Barros)

Futezinho na Escola (Music by Daniel Scandurra)

There are plenty more videos too, all of this standard. Just have a search on Youtube. You won’t be disappointed.

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