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Princesa Alba Shows Maturity on Catchy, Pop Shine of Latest Single

By 12 June, 2019

“Convéncete” is the new track by Chilean star Princesa Alba (Trinidad Riveros), who, at only 22 years old is giving Paloma Mami a run for her money. The single is catchy, spunky and has a certain pop shine that traverses the kid-zone and appeals to that sweet place in all of us, coaxed in by a soft reggaetón beat, silky lyrics and of course, synths. 

The track is produced by fellow young Chilean, Francisco Victoria, and it’s a more mature production, delivery and visual accompaniment than the artist’s older, teen-trap tunes such as “Baby Papi” (silky, smooth, bassy), “Diamantes” (satisfyingly plastic), “Agua” (tropical Spanglish glitter) and summer love (a pastel-pink pop tune featuring the gorgeous Gianluca). “Convéncete” has more poise, drive and visión which it will project far and wide given the collaborations on it as an art piece. 

The music video, filmed in Mariscal de San Bernado country estate just outside of Santiago, is directed by Marialy Rivas, the Chilean director behind the electric and disturbing Princesita, and rebellious, sexy and honest Joven y Alocada. Its produced by Pablo Larraín’s Fábula production company, who are equally accoladed, with films such as No, Gloria, and A Fantastic Woman under their belt. 

There’s a summery softness to the video, in which a mod-colonial aesthetic reigns – it’s all puffy sleeves, ruffled colours and selfies at the banquet. Although Alba’s dance routines use decorative hand movements and strong female unison, it isn’t quite as tight as her Spanish contemporary, Rosalía. The set is beautiful, the song is catchy, humorous and airy and the protagonist carries it well. But something is missing in the choreography.
Although borderline unoriginal, the cool aesthetic and glimmering soundtrack are sure to make waves in the Chilean pop and urban scene and further afield.

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