Sights, Smells, and Sounds of Panama City

By 04 May, 2011

Today we’re having a change from our normal South American remit to bring you an article about Panama City, a city that is regarded as one of the capitals of salsa (along with Cali, New York and Caracas).

Panama City, once destroyed by political unrest, is now rising as an up and coming tourist destination. At a glance, the skyline is in the process of a rapid formation with construction around every corner. Cosmopolitan structures mix with historical areas to provide a unique look into the culture and essence of Panama City. Exploring the region at this time in history will give you a fascinating perspective into what the city once was and what the city is about to become.

The Sights
Panama City rests on the eastern shore of the Panama Canal with the Pacific Ocean bordering the southeast coast. It’s premier location has transformed the city into an attraction for foreign immigrants and upcoming business from all over the globe. The once quiet and poverty-struck city now resembles a thriving economy with skyscrapers altering the appearance of the skyline on a daily basis. Panama City has managed to hold onto its rich history while the city blossoms into a metropolis of activity and excitement. Understanding Panama City is simple if you begin with historic landmarks such as the old city center of San Felipe or the ruins of Panama Viejo and following the culture through its advancements to what we see in Panama City streets today.

Staying in Panama City will give you a unique perspective into the culture and the opportunity to embrace all of the local customers. Hotels such as the Veneto Hotel in Panama City offer premier accommodations and tourism guidance to make your trip to Panama unforgettable.

The Smells
The scenic landmarks and budding economy are just a few of the many reasons to visit the majestic Panama Canal. The luring smells pouring out of some of the best local hot spots provide an epicurean delight for travellers of all ages. The sweet smell of coconut is common place in Panama since many meals are focused around the key ingredient. Concoctions of different fried green plantains also pour out of hot kitchens and tempt you into sampling some of the classic dishes found in the area today.

Fresh seafood, poultry, meat, fruits, and vegetables are all available and infused with local flavor.

The Sounds
When visiting Panama, one can expect to hear the sounds of commerce flowing in and out of the Canal. Humming around the sound of trade floats a broad range of artists sharing their music, paintings, and more, with locals and tourists. These sounds can find route in Panama’s history, but are also infused with a new sense of pride and distinguished sound.

Amidst the busy sounds of the city you can also stop and listen to the sounds of nature. Panama City’s Metropolitan Park is the only rainforest in the world located within a major city. The passing cars and beat of the city life almost vanish as you are transported into the amazing world of nature without leaving the urban surroundings.

Exploring Panama City by sight, smell, and sound can give you a diverse perspective into daily life of the locals.

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