The Best Websites About Uruguay

By 01 December, 2010

Our guide to some of the best websites about Uruguay, websites which should supply you with valuable and/or interesting information whether you are visiting, planning to live in the country, or just curious.

UruguayNow – titled ‘the first guide to Uruguay’ UruguayNow is a useful resource for all your basic questions about Uruguay; how do I get there? how much do things cost? what is there to do?, but also has plenty of new articles, written to reflect what is currently going on in the country, and specific things that may be of interest to tourists. It’s a travel guide that is definitely pointed at tourists from the USA and the UK, and with so much useful information it is really is one of the best out there.

OlaUruguay – this is also a guide pointed at tourists from the USA and UK, as well as expats in the area. It’s usefulness lies in the many guides and articles which give a good overview of the country, especially in regards to real estate and business opportunities. It’s culture section is also worth looking at for some ideas of interesting things to do in the country.

Uruguay Natural – Uruguay’s tourism website. It’s written in Spanish so a good place to improve your language skills. This is the best resource for the official tourism activities in Uruguay, which there are many due to recent pushes to improve their income from the industry.

TotalUruguay – this site tries to be everything; blog, forum, magazine, directory, etc., etc. It doesn’t succeed in all of these, and due to a bad design it can be hard to find what you are looking for. However, if you want to ask a few questions about Uruguay there forum is well-attended by a number of expats who will surely be able to help out. – Uruguay’s style of drumming, candombe, is all over Montevideo. Wherever you are you will surely hear the sound of drumming. Find out more about the style at, a very comprehensive guide with profiles of the techniques and artists associated with the form.

Museo del Carnaval – there are always plenty of interesting cultural happenings the the Museo del Carnaval. Their blog here, lists them all. Definitely worth a check if you’re looking for something to do in Montevideo, especially if you want to learn a little about the culture too.

Viajando por Uruguay – this blog is a little messy, but has become a good place for discovering some of the activities that are happening around the whole of Uruguay. The first of the month normally brings a list of these cultural activities, and is the time to check.

Con la Camara en el Bolsillo – unfortunately the best blogs about Uruguay are in Spanish. However, this one does have pictures. Update regularly, this is a candid, enjoyable ramble through Uruguayan life, with plenty of amusing pictures and notes about Montevideo in particular.

On the Road to Find Out – this blog is in English! Although focused on a number of South American countries there is a particular eye on Uruguay, with plenty of articles about the music and Montevideo’s carnival.

Lion Productions – on the face of it, it may seem a little odd to have a record label included here, but since Lion Productions bought up much of the catalogue of the Sondor label in Uruguay, it is one which regularly releases some of the best music from the area. Expect reissues of great Uruguayan pop, rock and jazz, as well as candombe beat. Many of Eduardo Mateo’s releases, both solo and as part of El Kinto, are available to buy here.

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