New Sounds of Chile #4

By 30 September, 2021

It’s close to the end of september, Chilean Independence Month, so we are back again with a fresh dose of Chilean alternative music, going from rap to electronic, pop and other sonic explorations, including touches of the country’s... Read Article

New Sounds of Chile #3

By 13 July, 2021

Continuing to shed light on the popular and contemporary musical landscape of the long and geographically diverse country of Chile, we share the newest sounds coming out of Latin America’s southern tip. It’s fair to say that electronic... Read Article

Con Alma 30: Mr. Toé

By 04 May, 2021

Rather than referring to the ten protruding appendages on the end of your feet, the “toé”, with an acute accent on the “e”, under which the producer, researcher and DJ Mr. Toé works, is a plant allegedly of... Read Article