Best South American Videos of 2010

By 10 December, 2010

My oh my, this wasn’t easy! So many great videos to list in 2010. I hope we have listed all the major ones, but I have a feeling in a day or two a few are going to spring to mind that really should be here. If you have any suggestions that you feel should be listed here please let us know in the comments. Here we go…

Los Massieras – Boogity Boogity Boogity

How did we ever live without this song?!?!

Garotas Suecas – Bugalu

One of the most talked-about Brazilian bands of 2010 thanks to their mix of vintage style, exuberance and panache. This video leaves you sitting in awe, wondering how they managed to sync the mouths throughout all the slowing and speeding up of the footage. Quite an achievement!

Karina Buhr – Nassiria e Najaf

This claustrophobic video highlights Karina at her best, managing to make music that is both controlled (both lyrically and musically) but also emotionally imbalanced. As the tension builds so does the ability of Karina to keep herself together. This is just another reason why Karina Buhr is the most impressive artist to emerge from Brazil this year.

Aterciopelados – Bandera

Is it possible to not include this video on this list. I don’t think so! One of the best songs and videos of the year. A joyous animated romp around the world accompanied by an amazing Latin American anthem.

Gepe – Por la Ventana

A perfect summer tune. Gepe, along with Javiera Mena, is one of the great performers currently giving Chile a name as one of the best destinations for great pop music. “Por la Ventana” is the first single off his Audiovisión album.

Macaco Bong – Shift

Probably the best noise rock trio in Brazil right now. Not really sure how to prove that statement, but be sure this is pretty damn good music. A combination of ridiculously tight rhythms and metal guitars with a little bit of power-pop melody thrown in to stop us all from breaking everything around us.

Denver – Lo Que Quieras

Taken from this Chilean band’s second album Música, Gramática, Gimnasia it’s one of those videos that perfectly complements a band. Here, the hushed tones, eloquent delivery and emotive pulse are replicated in the video, which resembles an extremely grand home video, all filmed in a very, green de-saturated colour. Then, it all takes a turn for the worse at the end.

Major Lazer feat. Mr Lexx & Santigold – Hold the Line (Frikstailers Remix)

Ridiculously shiny video for Frikstailers mix of this Major Lazer gem. Words will only slow you down… dive straight in!

Mombojó – Papapa

Now on their third disc, Mombojó have developed their very own style. Not quite like any other acts from their native Recife, instead they sound like French pop with a sense of humour, beamed down from outer space. In other words, it’s quite hard to describe. Maybe this video will do a better job!

Axel Krygier – Pesebre

It was hard not to be excited by the forthcoming album when we heard “Pesebre” as the lead-off single. This was going to be something special indeed. “Pesebre” managed to make bed mates of hip-hop beats, farmyard noises and glitchy electronica, and then wrapped in up a strange manger-meets-Chinese-emperor video. It ticked all our boxes that’s for sure!

Javiera Mena feat. Jens Lekman – Sufrir

It’s impossible not to enjoy Javiera Mena. Over two albums she has perfected the knack for writing instantly catchy electronic pop songs that never grow tiresome. Superman was taken as the inspiration for this video, and it’s hard to argue that it doesn’t work.

Superlitio – Te Lastimé

It’s impossible not to enjoy stop motion animation, especially when it’s done this well. Superlitio have been around for a number of years, gaining a big following in their native Colombia, as well as abroad. The songs brings together their love for a good Latin love song and reggae rhythm.

Marcelo D2 – Meu Tambor

And to finish off, a complete belter by the leading light of Brazilian hip-hop, Marcelo D2. Here he is ably assisted by Zuzuka Poderosa and DJ Nuts.

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