The Best Websites about Buenos Aires

By 04 November, 2010

This is our little guide to some websites which you may want to glance an eye towards, especially if you’re going to be spending any length of time in Buenos Aires. There is a ridiculous amount of things to keep you occupied, so please choose carefully!


The Argentina Independent – online newspaper with good mix of news, culture and articles. It’s sections on Buenos Aires, including an agenda and classifieds, are very useful.

Buenos Aires Herald – another online newspaper.  Buenos Aires Herald offers better news coverage than The Argentina Independent, including news around Latin America, but due to its grand scope it does not offer the same focus on Buenos Aires that you get from its rival.

Online Guides

What’s Up Buenos Aires – the best source of alternative music, arts and news in Buenos Aires. The site is run by the same people who run ZZK Records making it a great source for any electronic music happening in the city, but it’s agenda for all other things is equally comprehensive. The amount of art happenings in Palermo is normally quite mind-boggling. I just wish I could attend everything listed on the site!

Wipe Buenos Aires – using the dual powers of Wipe Buenos Aires and What’s Up Buenos Aires would probably give you the most comprehensive guide to all things underground, alternative and interesting happening in BA. This site has a very useful calendar and listings for a lot of the great indie bands in Argentina.

Expose Buenos Aires – another online guide, not as good as the two above, tends to stick to a more conservative idea of what people would like to do in BA, i.e. dance tango, eat meat, look at old buildings, but still has some nice articles and is worth a look from time to time.

Official Buenos Aires Tourism site – this is the Government’s culture website. Surprisingly it is very good, especially because the government like to put on loads of interesting cultural events for free, which all can be found here.

Buenos Aires Nightlife – list of clubs in Buenos Aires. This is a few years old now but many of the clubs are still going, and is worth a look as a starting point to enjoying Buenos Aires’ nightlife.

Buenos Aires Nighlife Guide – guide to Buenos Aires in the night. This directory is a bit character-less compared to What’s Up Buenos Aires, but it is very comprehensive, and will serve you well if you’re looking to find out what’s happening at the clubs all over the city.

Buenos Aires Milongas – the holy grail for any Tangueros or Milonguistas out there. This directory of milongas in Buenos Aires is the most up-to-date and complete of any I have found. In case you don’t know what a milonga is, it is the half-brother of tango, and is virtually identical. If you want to learn tango at an affordable price go to a milonga!

Guía Oleo –  looking for a restaurant in Buenos Aires. Hoping to find something nearby or within your budget? Then this is really the place for you, plenty of ways of finding a suitable restaurant right here.

Planeta Joy – another restaurant guide. Not as easy to find a suitable restaurant here, but plenty of other categories such as bars, cafes, wine cellars, and plenty of news about the dining scene in Buenos Aires.


The life of a frustrated Milonguero – blog about Milonga. Regularly-updated, informative and charming; all the characteristics you’d want from a quality blog.

Buenos Aires Photographer – Big Pics of BA – the clue to this blog is all in the title. This is a regularly-updated blog featuring big, high-quality photos of Buenos Aires. It’s never looked so good!

A Gringo in Buenos Aires – probably the most regularly-updated blog about Buenos Aires. Due to this it’s no surprise to see that sometimes the quality isn’t great. Specialises in search engine friendly articles that give some insight into Buenos Aires life.


Good Morning Buenos Aires – a relatively active forum in English for anyone visiting Buenos Aires. The site benefits from being very easy-to-use.

BA Expats – forum for any expats living in Buenos Aires. This is very active and its members generally very helpful.

Events and Culture

Buenos Aires Ateliers – interested in art? Interested in buying art? Check out Buenos Aires Ateliers for up-to-date lists of all the finest art studios in Buenos Aires.

GreenFilmFest – festival of environmentally aware films happening every August in Buenos Aires. If they can repeat the selection of films they showed in 2010 every year this will be one festival to keep an eye on.

Ciudad Cultural Konex – home of Bomba del Tiempo as well as many other intesting events. It’s worth joining their mailing list if you’re in BA to keep abreast of anything exciting that may be going down!

MALBA – the museum of Latin American art in Buenos Aires. Their exhibitions reflect some of the finest contemporary and fine art in South America. Exhibitions in 2010 included profiles of Robert Mapplethorpe and Silvia Rivas and a collection of Cuban avant garde works.

Ticketek Argentina – ticket portal for shows, concerts, theatre and movies in Buenos Aires.


Buquebus – fancy a trip to Uruguay? Hop on the Buquebus for bus and boat journeys to Colonia and Montevideo in Uruguay.


Mapas at Terra – the best online map for Buenos Aires. Crucial to its usefulness is the fact that it includes the Subte and Colectivo. If you don’t have a Guia ‘T’ then this online map should suffice.

Interactive Map of Buenos Aires – another interactive map of Buenos Aires, again with colectivo and Subte routes.

Mapa de las Artes – a map of Buenos Aires including all art galleries, cultural haunts and places of interest. Not a bad idea, and the map works nicely too. A useful asset to have!

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