AltoPeru’s Dumbia pa’ Volar Parts 1 and 2

By 20 January, 2012

We’ve got two mixtapes today from AltoPeru, which confusingly is the name of a cumbia/dub/reggae collective from Buenos Aires, Argentina. AltoPeru take their moniker from an early name for the land that is now Bolivia, which isn’t Argentina either. Okay, so we don’t really know why they are called AltoPeru, but we do know that this is some pretty decent cumbia here mixed with a laidback dub sound for when you need to get a nice, chilled groove on. You know the kind of groove? You’ve had a few beers, a bit of food, you feel you need to get mobile, but nothing too crazy. This is the ticket.

Anyway, here are the two mixtapes. Enjoy! And stay safe too goddammit!

Dumbias pa’ Volar – (Vol.1)
[soundcloud url=”″]

Dumbias pa’ Volar – (Vol.2)
[soundcloud url=”″]

You can listen to more AltoPeru at

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